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Weather and Weddings

Larissa WarrenComment

What a weekend it was for a wedding!

"You can paint a pretty picture, but you can't predict the weather" (in the words of 'Outkast')

I have to say though that most brides/ grooms we come across are so into the awesomeness of the day that the the weather doesn't affect them, and this is key.

With your wedding photography, you must have back up locations for your family photos and bridal party photos so make sure you raise this with your photographer before the big day.

However some brides will brave the weather and get the best shots, even if only for a few minutes, so consider how willing you are to do this..... (it is sooo worth it)!

Pencarrow, 120k winds!
Bride and groom were so great braving the winds, (I had to be propped up!)

Moa Point, Wellington....
We were out there for 5 minutes tops but that's all it takes with some pre planning.

Kapiti Coast, this time warm but very wet,
we got a little break in the evening so jumped at the opportunity....