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Wedding Planning Saga - from the Groom to be...

Larissa WarrenComment

Steve and his gorgeous fiance, Elena.
Wedding Planning Saga - from the Groom to be...

PART ONE - the Introduction

Hi. My name is Steve.

Five years ago, I met Elena in a Pub. I spent the rest of the evening alternating between playing it cool and showing off. In spite of these herculean efforts, I was able to convince her to go out with me the following weekend. 

Almost one year ago to this very day, I proposed to her on an island in Fiji.

In six months’ time Elena and I will be married. To each other. We have a date, a venue, and a pretty final guest list. We’re still in love. All in all we’re in pretty good shape. But I can’t escape the feeling that we’re leaving too much until the last minute, that we’re going to have to rush.

What’s the point of all this? Well, I’ve been asked to write a blog. A blog about planning for the
big day. So fortnightly I’ll be putting an update on this site that will chronicle the path we’ve taken
from the time of our engagement to the time of our wedding.

In the serotonin-fuelled days that followed Elena’s acceptance of my proposal, we gave scant
thought to concrete details or practicalities. It was as we informed our friends and family (and
updated our status*) that we began to realise what a long road it was from betrothal to union. 

In our euphoria we had no idea when, where, how, or in front of whom we might get married. Unsolicited cautionary tales on the perils of “leaving it too late” rang in our ears from sources ranging from friends to hairdressers. It was clear the clock was ticking.

Next instalment I’ll talk about how we started carping the diem; how we chose the where and the
when. We decided to chose the where first, and then the when followed by the whom – what about
you? What was the first step you took on the road to your nuptials?

* Interestingly, updating our facebook status has given us a glimpse into the power of contextual
advertising. Elena has been offered a wide range of “weight loss solutions for the big day”, and I am able to secure apparently once-in-a-lifetime deals on erectile dysfunction pills. So that’s good.