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Wedding Planning Saga - from the Groom to be... part 2

Larissa Warren2 Comments

Wedding Planning Saga - from the Groom to be... 

Part Two - Location and date.

So here we are – another (very, very long fortnight...), and time for another installment.

When I left off last time, I mentioned that we would discuss the very first steps Elena and I took.
As we sipped drinks by the pool in the fading Fijian sunset, we thought we should take care of the
location first, and then the date. I defy anyone sitting by the pool sipping drinks in the fading Fijian
sunset not to immediately settle upon Fiji as being a pretty bloody obvious choice. That also gave us
a pretty good idea for the date – late October or early November; neither too hot, nor too wet, and
the Picasso fish around the lagoons wouldn’t yet have metamorphosed into the vicious little brutes
they become in late November.

So the decision made; a South Pacific island in late spring. And that, of course, settled the guest list:
pretty much anyone who wanted to make it out there. 

Brilliant. And here endeth the blog.

But of course, it wasn’t quite as easy as that. Back home in Wellington, it dawned on us that there
were many people we wanted to be at our wedding who simply wouldn’t be able to take a week off
work and fly to Pacific paradise. I think weddings are not necessarily just about the couple – they are also an occasion for families and friends to meet and celebrate the occasion together. With this in mind, we decided to hold the wedding in the city where we, our families, and our friends are based: Wellington.

As a keen cricketer, I am more than familiar with Wellington’s weather around late October. We did
want to get married in an outdoor ceremony if possible, and with as few items of thermal underwear
as feasible. And so, after consultation with monthly temperature and sunshine averages, we decided
on late March. And now, the greatest minefield known to coupledom: the guest list.

As it turns out, we were more anxious about the guest list than we needed to be. Again, this sense of foreboding was instilled in us by the numerous acquaintances who delighted in recalling their own, clearly titanic, struggles to agree on a guest list.

“Have you guys got a guest list sorted out yet?”


“Have fun.”

And what fun we were to have. I’ll talk about that process in the next installment. In the meantime, I have to get back to finding a celebrant and sending out the invitations.

The honeymoon had better be more fun to organise.

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