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Boomrock Wedding

Larissa WarrenComment

Hi everyone and anyone....
 I had a meeting the other day with a couple getting married later in the year and I was asked what made us different to other photographers. 
Always a good question! So apart from a free set of steak knives... 
My response was that the fine art aspect (the perfect combination of composition, light, subject matter, and later treatment) of photography is what drives us, and what I believe makes our work stand out. After the meeting, I thought about that question some more and realised it is not only our photography, but how we work as a team on the all important wedding day. How we interact with people and treat every wedding with a fresh perspective. 

Now for our first time out at Boomrock, we were pretty excited.... and with good reason, the staff out at Boomrock really know how to host a wedding! They were all as fabulous as the location (well almost... the location is pretty spectacular!)

We could tell that having his photo taken was not Rory's (groom) favourite pass time, but with a little encouragement from us and a lot more from the gorgeous Sarah (bride), we had a magical day. Thanks to Boomrock and of course Sarah and Rory!

PS:  We will be updating our website over the next couple of weeks, with new photos from this wedding season, including more of Sarah and Rory so keep an eye out!