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Wedding tips series - Hair and Make Up

Larissa WarrenComment

 Hi Everyone!

Today we start our Wedding tips series. 
We will be contacting various people in the wedding industry and asking them a range of questions that may help you with your planning and preparations!

Feel free to contact us, or leave a comment with any burning questions you have in any area of wedding planning, and we will put those questions to an expert in the industry.

And so for our first of the series: Hair and Make up. 
We have interviewed a talented and experienced hair and make up artist Edyta.

All images by FineLine.
Make up and hair by Edyta! 

  What should brides think about before hiring a hair and make up artist?
Before hiring a Make up Artist recommendations and word of mouth are a great way to start.
Search websites and request images of the artists recent work to see if you like their style.


How important is it to have a pre wedding make up trial?
A pre-wedding trial is very important as you get to practice the styles you would like and this in turn will result in a less stressful day for the parties involved as everyone knows what they are doing and what to expect

How much time do I need to allow for make up and hair?
It takes at least 1hour per person for Hair and Make up depending on the style you have chosen and the experience of your artist. They should be able to work out all your timings for you on the day.

How do I start to find the right look for me?
To find the right look start with magazines, internet research and have pictures to show your artist on the day of the trial of what you think you would like and then your artist will be able to guide you in the right direction as to what actually works for your face and compliments your Wedding look.


I want my make up to look natural, but also good in the photos, how do you get that balance?A good Make up artist will be able to make up you up so that you have natural make up but so that it shows up in the photos.
Generally most Brides always find that the make up they have done is quite a lot at the start but then get used to it and are then surprised when they take a few pictures at how good and natural they look.
A make up artist will always do things differently to what you are used to but having a trial is the best way to see how you will look and feel.

What should I expect to pay? 
Prices vary in the industry but expect to pay more for someone who comes to your home or travels to a location. Also experience of the Artist is often reflected in their prices.

Please leave us a comment if you have other questions, or suggestions for future series.