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Wedding Tips Series: Flowers

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Our series continues... Flowers!
Our thanks goes to Tracey from Black Rose Florist for this weeks' interview.
Images from Jenny and Joes' Wedding at Pauatahanui and Boomrock. 
Photography by FineLine

Bridemaids' Bouquet by Black Rose Florist

1. Can you tell us what decisions need to be made before looking at florists for our wedding?

Having a good idea about the style / theme especially colours is most important , we can suggest different flowers and designs but we need to know the concept the bride is looking for. The more a bride can research , books , magazines , on-line the better.
If you havn't chosen what colour the bridesmaids are wearing yet or if you are going to have flowergirls / pageboys yet or where the reception will be - the flower decisions can wait.
Aisle Decoration By Black Rose Florist


2. How early on do we need to book our florist? 

If your wedding is at peak season especially Feb - March or a special date like New years eve or Valentines day- book in early!! Even if you havn't made all your decisions on colours etc. pay a deposit , book the florist , make sure they can do it. Flowers have to be made fresh - we can't make them weeks in advance knowing we will be extra busy on that day - impossible!
3 months out is a good general rule for booking florists , you'll have all your info and bookings together ( hopefully! ) and we have a rough idea on how the season is going , pricing , avalaibility etc. 

Table Decoration by Black Rose Florist

3. Do florists normally make a sample bouquet and/or centre piece? Is this an extra cost?

Making a sample can be done, but as most wedding flowers are especially ordered in from the wholesalers or growers , can be just as expensive to make. You'd be looking at having a whole bridal bouquet made for the full price, if you're willing to pay for this by all means have the florist make a trail bouquet or reception arrangment.
My rule of thumb would be use your instincts , Does the florists have pictures of wedding they have done , with testimonials from brides? Are you confident in thier ability? Have they been recommended by someone ? How long have they been creating wedding flowers? experience is key.


4. What should we expect to pay? Will florists write up an itemised quote? 

Florist's charges vary from store to store. Your florist should be able to give you an itemised quote easily. They know how much they will expect to pay for flowers and how much time it will take them to make from experience. My experience is you definately get what you pay for with wedding flowers, if you don't want to spend too much , not much is what you'll get. A florist who is marginally cheaper than others , you should be asking why? Where are the flowers coming from that they are that much cheaper and who is making them? 

Front of Church Decoration by Black Rose Florist
5. Is it important for the florist to be familiar with the wedding venue?
If you are planning to have reception / venue flowers and decorations , it is definitely prefered  that your florist is familiar with the venue. If not they should be more than happy to pay a visit to the venue to familarise themselves with it.  

6. Can you tell us which is your favourite flower for each season?
Favourite flower? Now you're asking really hard questions... I think it changes every year. Blush pink and white Peonies , Phalenopus Orchids , Cymbidium orchids , definately roses - dusky pinks , vintage mauves & crisp whites , no... hydrangers , pretty pinks and deep rich purples, or baby succulents with lambs ears, or maybe Gladioli blooms. If I had to make a bouquet right now ? Hyacinths , definitely...
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