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Flash Back - Wellington Street Photography

Larissa WarrenComment

Last December we had the pleasure of meeting Bella Ireland, a year 11 student from Wgtn Girls who came to us for a 'work day' in our studio. 

Now, unfortunately, the day to day studio work really is just a whole lot of admin and pretty boring organisational carry on, so instead I gave Bella a brief run down on the type of camera we use, and away we went - to the streets.... (any excuse will do).


We looked at shadows, lines, composition, light and colour.

As we were walking around I had a flash back - realising it was around the same age I got into photography. My mother worked for the Evening Post, so every school holiday 3rd to 7th form, I spent working with the photography team there. They were amazing, giving me a camera and endless supply of film.  I was off, walking the streets of Welly - I was so lucky.

Back at the studio we talked through the editing and selecting process, Bella took to the software we use (Lightroom) like a breeze.  


Well Bella, looking through your selection of pieces you have chosen - I can say you defenitely have a natural eye for photography, keep shooting all the time - you never know were it may take you.....